Sustainable energy and the global food system 

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Climate change is a major topic at this General Assembly of the United Nations in the wake of a U.N. report issued on September 17, warning that the world is on a “catastrophic” path to warming. 

Among those discussions is UNGA’s first global meeting on renewable energy since 1981. The summit on Friday is an opportunity for governments, private sector leaders and civil society to make historic commitments that will help the world provide clean, affordable energy for all by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2050. The meeting will be preceded by a Security Council debate on Thursday that will examine the link between climate disasters and increasing conflict and instability around the world.

Another major undertaking is the first-ever UN meeting on overhauling the global food system. The UNGA this year is hosting the first U.N. Food Systems Summit. The goal is to design a new system that will eradicate global hunger and protect the planet.

Already, innovators have proposed thousands of potential solutions that they will have the opportunity to present to governments and other funders. How about setting up women-owned farming cooperatives that provide training and technology to close the agricultural gender gap? Or turning invasive sea urchins into fertilizer? If all goes as planned, we could be living in a new world of food by 2030.


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