European Union nations are living far beyond the Earth’s means

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The European Union’s 28 countries consume the Earth’s resources much faster than they can be renewed, and none of them has sustainable consumption policies, a report released by the World Wide Fund (WWF) and Global Footprint Network on Thursday said.

“The EU uses up almost 20 percent of the Earth’s bio-capacity although it comprises only 7 percent of the world population,” the report said.

“In other words, 2.8 planets would be needed if everyone consumed at the rate of the average EU resident. This is well above the world average which is approximately 1.7 planets,” it said.

“If everybody in the world had the same ecological footprint as an average EU resident – emitting as much carbon, consuming as much food, timber and fibers, and occupying as much built up space – May 10th would be the date by which humanity would have used as much from nature than our planet can renew in a whole year,” the report said.


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