African countries to develop climate-resilient agriculture systems

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Fifty-five African countries recently signed a five-point declaration to increase the climate adaptation and resilience of the continent’s food systems.  

The declaration lists five measures that should be taken by the signatory countries to increase food production amidst climate change:

  • To embed resilience and adaptation in national agricultural and investment plans
  • To develop a comprehensive risk management plan coupled with appropriate financial tools to manage risk
  • To accelerate adoption of technologies and information platforms that have significant grass root impacts
  • To engage smallholder farmers to drive food security
  • To encourage and support the private sector for generating evidence and knowledge needed in adaptation and resilience building in food systems

The signatories also agreed to strengthen climate data analysis and reinforce Early Warning Early Action systems to protect livelihoods.

Africa’s population will increase to 2.4 billion by 2050, requiring the continent to scale up its food production while tackling the challenge of climate change.


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