AIDS in South Africa

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A former UN special envoy for AIDS in Africa, Stephen Lewis, has condemned the UK’s Department for International Development for cutting their aid budget. The activist has claimed this as a “death warrant” for millions of South Africans suffering from AIDS.

As a consequence of South Africa gaining “middle income” status, foreign aid contributors have been reluctant to continue donating millions in aid.

Despite the fact the South African government proclaims the country’s economic resurgence, millions of ordinary South Africans are still reportedly blighted by the specter of AIDS. Over 6 million people live with HIV, which is the largest number worldwide. While 2.5 million sufferers are receiving anti-retroviral drugs, there are still 3.5 million untreated cases in the country.

According to the Human Sciences Research Council, 760 people in South Africa died from AIDS every day in 2012.


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