Building Blocks, Bangalore, India

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The Building Blocks program in Bangalore, India, provides a well-rounded kindergarten education for over 450 slum children who would otherwise not be able to attend school due to economics.

At its 6 schools located near slums in Bangalore, dedicated teachers employ an array of multi-sensory early learning techniques to introduce the basics of English reading and writing, arithmetic, social science, the arts, motor-skill development and character building. After two years in the program, most of the children are able to successfully pass the entrance exams to enter good English-medium primary schools.

Each K4-K5 school throughout Bangalore has an average of 75 students, and is strategically located near a slum neighborhood, facilitating regular school attendance and good parent-teacher rapport. For the students—all between the ages of 3-5, who mostly live in homes with no electricity, running water, or toilet—the school is not just about learning to read, write and count. The children learn basic hygiene and brush their teeth for the first time, and for most, looking at colorful books or using crayons and paintbrushes is a novelty.      Read more  

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