Corruption poses threat to Afghan stability

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Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah on corruption in Afghanistan:

Q: The question many people have about Afghanistan is about the corruption. There’s a sense that it is sort of out of control. We’re talking about bagfuls of cash – millions and tens of millions of dollars – all this international aid that has been provided. Do you have any specific idea about how to deal with this, how to tackle it?

A: The first thing which is necessary is the recognition of the threat which corruption is posing to the stability in the country and to the wellbeing of the Afghan people.

It’s a serious challenge. … As a whole, we think that it’s a priority, and it will be a priority for the future government of Afghanistan and it has to be dealt with in outright manner. Corruption is not just the issue of international assistances. Within the system, nepotism and certain other aspects of this, part of it is due to the problem of drugs, narcotics, in the country. Part of it is the absence of rule of law.

So there will be an opportunity to deal with this challenge. And I’m sure that the people of Afghanistan will be supportive of any effort in this regard, because the people are suffering on a daily basis because of widespread corruption at different levels of the government.


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