Credibility of international community at risk over Syria

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With the conflict in Syria now well into its fifth year, senior United Nations officials emphasized that the international community must not lose momentum in attaining a comprehensive and concrete political solution.

Stephen O’Brien, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, underscored that while the UN remains committed and ready to deliver humanitarian aid for civilians in need, such action cannot be a substitute for political action.

“We must show the people of Syria that the world has not forgotten them or their plight and indeed of their country. Not through more words of solidarity, but through immediate and concrete political action that brings an end to this futile cycle of violence and misery. And hard cash for meeting immediate needs – humanitarian needs – is now needed,” he said.

“The future of this and coming generations is on the line. The credibility of the international community is at stake,” he added.

Highlighting that aid agencies are doing all they can to assist millions of Syrians affected by the conflict, Mr. O’Brien said that up to 5.8 million people had been reached with food assistance per month during this year alone.

[UN News Centre]

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