Escalating Humanitarian Crisis in Southern Syria

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The global relief organization Mercy Corps is deeply concerned about the escalating humanitarian crisis unfolding in southern Syria, as civilians continue to flee the violence and are unable to access life-saving essentials.

“The number of people fleeing this latest offensive has more than tripled in the past few days,” says Arnaud Quemin, Mercy Corps Country Director for Syria. “People are fleeing with whatever few items they can carry — or nothing at all.”

The United Nations estimates there are now more than 160,000 displaced people in southern Syria. Vast numbers of civilians are moving towards the Israeli and Jordanian borders, which remain closed.

“With nowhere to go, tens of thousands of displaced people are stranded in open and unprotected areas,” says Quemin. “Our team members and partners are providing food, clean water and other essentials even while they themselves flee the fighting. Many do not foresee being able to return home anytime soon due to the insecurity.”

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