From New Zealand to Rome, thousands are protesting again today for Earth Strike

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A week after millions of protesters took part in the Global Climate Strike, thousands of activists began turning out around the world today to draw attention to the climate crisis.

In New Zealand, tens of thousands of young people marched to the parliament. Katherine Rivers, an 18-year-old university student, said it was great to see young people taking action and personal responsibility by marching. “We need to stop pandering to some of the people who are making money off climate change. The big oil companies, the dairy industry, etc.,” she said. “And make a change for the future of these kids that are here.”

In Rome, tens of thousands rallied, with protesters holding such signs as “Change the system, not the climate” or just the word “Future.”

Friday’s strike, branded the “Earth Strike” or “General Strike to Save the Planet,” follows a series of worldwide demonstrations surrounding the United Nations Climate Action Summit. It will also pay homage to a key anniversary: Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” was published on Sept. 27, 1962, launching the modern environmentalist movement.

On Wednesday, climate scientists at the U.N. released a released a report on the world’s oceans and mountains, warning that melting glaciers can not only contribute to rising sea levels, but can also pose a threat to humans through landslides, avalanches, rockfalls and floods.

That same day, Italian officials closed roads after experts warned that a massive chunk of a glacier in the Alps is at risk of collapsing due to climate change.

While some countries held their major Global Climate Strike last week, 28 countries and territories planned to host their main strike on Friday, including: Argentina, Aruba, Belgium, Canada, Ecuador, Eswatini, Gambia, Greece, Guam, Honduras, Hungary, Italy, Mali, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Spain, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, U.S. Virgin Islands, Venezuela and Yemen.

Greta Thunberg planned to attend Friday’s strike in Montreal, according to her Twitter.

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