Global Climate Summit calls for bolder action to meet Paris Climate Goals

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On the premise that the nations of the world are not doing enough to meet the goals of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, Governor Jerry Brown, New York City’s former Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other dignitaries convened a high-profile international gathering in San Francisco September 12-14 to inspire more ambitious action and showcase successful efforts.

The Global Climate Action Summit brought together more than 4,000 leaders from states, regions, cities, corporations, and civil society from around the world. Organizers sought to strengthen efforts so that global greenhouse gas emissions begin trending down by 2020 with the overall goal of keeping global temperature increases to less than  than 1.5°C if possible and by no more than 2° C as defined by the Paris Agreement.

Speaking at a press conference, New York Mayor Bloomberg said people are taking action on climate change because the same steps that help reduce carbon emissions also make cities better places to live and to work. “[In New York City], we were able to cut carbon emissions by nearly 20 percent in just six years, and the steps we took to get there also made our air cleaner than it had been in a quarter of a century. At the same time, we were able to create a record number of jobs. Now other cities around the world are achieving similar results,” he said.

Largely through the actions of the U.S. cities from both Democratic and Republican states belonging to the C40 cities coalition, Bloomberg said, the United States has reduced emissions more than any other large nation in the past decade.

“In fact, last year,” he added, “U.S. emissions fell to their lowest level in 25 years without any help from Washington. The U.S is already half-way to the commitment we made [to meet our Paris Agreement commitment], and … we will get the rest of the way no matter what happens in Washington.”

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    Twenty-seven major cities around the world may already have seen their greenhouse gas emissions peak, according to a new study.

    The full list of cities is: Barcelona (Spain); Basel (Switzerland); Berlin; Boston; Chicago; Copenhagen, Denmark; Heidelberg (Germany); London; Los Angeles; Madrid; Melbourne (Australia); Milan; Montreal; New Orleans; New York City; Oslo (Norway); Paris; Philadelphia; Portland (Oregon); Rome; San Francisco; Stockholm; Sydney; Toronto; Vancouver (Canada); Warsaw (Poland); and Washington, D.C.

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