International aid needed for refugees in Europe

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Angry scenes erupted outside Budapest’s main train station Tuesday morning, as crowds of angry migrants and refugees were prevented from boarding trains they hoped would take them on from Hungary to Austria and Germany, toward Western Europe.

It’s the latest crisis point to emerge as a wave of migrants — many refugees fleeing conflict in Syria or Iraq — seek to make their way by land to Western European nations where they hope to claim asylum.

Other flashpoints have emerged. Thousands were stranded last month in a no-man’s land between northern Greece and Macedonia, where Macedonian security forces used tear gas and stun grenades as some desperate people tried to rush the razor wire border fence.

In other places — including parts of Germany and Greece — there’s been a warmer welcome, with volunteers handing out food and water.

Germany’s government said last month that it expected up to 800,000 asylum seekers to come this year — four times more than in 2014.


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