International giving by Millennials

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The Credit Suisse/Forbes Insight Report notes that global giving has a generational slant.

For millennials, youth in their 20s and younger, they were born into an era of globalization and the distinction between local and global has increasingly blurred.  This generation of global citizens and digital natives is apt to look at opportunities for giving outside the U.S. as much or even more often than within the U.S.

They are fully aware of the interrelationship between nations and their travels, real and digitally, provide a significant education about issues related to resource scarcity, global health and poverty.

They also want to get the greatest “bang for their buck” and as a result, are more apt to research and seek out ways to be most effective in bringing about social change on a global scale.

[From WealthManagement article by Betsy Brill and Michael Donovan]

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