UN highlights challenges of humanitarian operations in Syria

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A United Nations spokesperson today highlighted the challenging working environment in which UN humanitarian agencies are operating in within Syria, while noting that aid is being delivered to all those who need, regardless of their affiliation and where they live.

“We are focused on reaching all people in need by whatever means feasible, including through regular programs, cross-line, cross-border and air operations,” saids OCHA Deputy Spokesperson Jens Laerke. “This delivery is despite the dangerous security conditions; every day UN staff and our partners risk their lives to deliver this life-saving assistance,” he added.

The spokesperson addressed the UN’s work with all parties to the conflict, including relevant departments of the Government of Syria, to reach people with the life-saving support they need. “The Government determines the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that the UN agencies in Syria are permitted to work with,” the spokesperson said. “If agencies in Syria did not accept this, they would not be able to save so many lives by delivering critical supplies and services to millions of people across the country.”

In his remarks, Mr. Laerke said that the UN delivers to all areas of the country – irrespective of the status of control and using the most effective methods, including deliveries to non-government controlled areas through UN Security Council-authorized cross-border deliveries from Turkey and Jordan and deliveries from government-controlled areas across conflict lines to besieged and hard-to-reach enclaves.

“Since the beginning of 2016, the UN and partners in Syria have successfully reached 1.2 million people in besieged and hard-to-reach and other priority areas through inter-agency operations,” Laerke said.

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