Undocumented Afghans continue returning to Afghanistan

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The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is responding to a substantial increase in the return of undocumented Afghans from Pakistan and Iran. Since January 1, 2017, over 538,754 undocumented Afghans have returned to their country due to diverse factors, including deteriorating protection in Pakistan and Iran.

Most of those returning have lived outside of Afghanistan for decades, and will need support from the government and humanitarian actors both on arrival and as they seek to reintegrate.

This figure represents a significantly lower rate of return than in previous years, but another surge in returns could occur at any time. The rate of return is influenced by a number of political, security and other related factors both in Afghanistan and neighboring countries.

The International Organization for Migration was established in 1951. IOM is the principal intergovernmental organization dealing with migration issues and the only global migration agency dealing with all aspects of migration.


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