Venezuela Colombia humanitarian corridor

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Thousands of hungry and needy Venezuelans crossed the border into Colombia for a second time this month to buy the bare necessities.

Heavily armed with umbrellas, to combat torrential rain, thousands of Venezuelans went shopping in Colombia for food, medicines and even toilet rolls, which can`t be found in their own supermarkets.

Smuggling of subsidized foods and gasoline into Colombia, led to armed gangs, and a sealed Border has created this bottleneck.

Venezuela`s President Nicolas Maduro blames international enemies combining with home grown subversives, sabotaging the economy.  The Opposition insists it`s decades of sole dependence on the declining petroleum industry, rampant corruption in official circles and chronic mismanagement.

Many are now calling for the border to be completely, officially and permanently re-opened so the bridge between the two countries can serve as a vital lifeline in a time of severe recession.

[Vatican Radio]

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