Why there isn’t enough money to address poverty

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To provide basic education for every student in the world would require 6 Billion dollars

To provide water and sanitation for everyone in the world would require 9 Billion dollars

To provide reproductive health for all women worldwide would require 12 Billion dollars

To provide basic health and nutrition for the world would require          13 Billion dollars

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3 thoughts on “Why there isn’t enough money to address poverty

  1. Rose on said:

    …………….>Thank you for sharing, it makes you think. Sure wish that we could re-organize our priorities. War is such a waste!

  2. Great post, and eye opening statistics. Thank you for telling it like it is. It is so within reach to address and even end poverty, but unfortunately, most heads of state don’t really care, neither do most industrialists whose primary aim in life is to make money, not to serve humanity, particularly on continents like Africa where keeping the population in extreme poverty allows them to keep exploiting their natural resources for their own profit. I am including here the African heads of state who only see their own interests. So let us continue our meager efforts at the grass root level, to do our part to improve the lives of a few people, with the hope it will motivate them to pay it forward and thereby make a difference. God bless you for the great work you are doing, helping so many on every continent.

  3. Lucky on said:

    The answer of an expert.

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